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Meeting Purposes

The Air Toxics Data Analysis Workshop is the fifth in a series of meetings on this subject. This Workshop brings together air quality professionals from across the country interested and/or involved in the measurement and analysis of ambient data for air toxics. Participants in past workshops have included representatives from state and local air quality agencies as well as tribal organizations, members of the monitoring steering committee of the National Association of Clean Air Agencies, as well as representatives from EPA program (e.g., OAQPS, OTAQ and ORD) and regional offices.

The purposes of the Workshop are:

  1. to provide a forum for the presentation of status reports and results from Community Air Toxics Ambient Monitoring (CSATAM) grants;

  2. to share the results of the national analysis of air toxics data conducted over the past year as well as those from independent regional, state or local data assessment efforts;

  3. to update developments in air toxics monitoring including management of the National Air Toxics Trends Stations (NATTS) program and the current CSATAM grant solicitation, quality assurance and methods development; and

  4. to plan for future data analysis needs of the air toxics program at the national, state/, local and tribal levels.

The summary of and presentations from this workshop will be shared nationally via the EPA’s AMTIC Web site following the meeting.

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