One Community - One Environment

Detroit, Michigan - *August 23-26, 2011

(*August 23 is an Optional Training Day)

Detroit Story Overview

It is nearly impossible to mention Motown and not associate Detroit with its sound and impact on the music industry worldwide.  Detroit is branded as the Motor City which is the birthplace of the auto industry.  Detroit has an awesome professional basketball team (Pistons), a dynamic football team (Lions), and an exciting baseball team (Tigers).  The city has seen some hard times, nevertheless; there are complications of what many are calling the glory days of a time gone by.   Detroit continues to struggle to regain its footprint in the world.  In an effort to do so, there are undeniable issues making it nearly impossible to progress as it would like due to such issues as environmental pollution, massive population loss, high unemployment and a tattered image portrayed by the media, all of which are hard to overcome.  Even so, there is a thriving movement on many fronts which is hard at work to find solutions towards a better Detroit in the future.

To discuss some of these challenges that Detroit is facing, Charles and Reverend Sandra Simmons, Founders of the Hush House will moderate an exciting conversation called the “Detroit Story.”

This Detroit Story will feature a multi-stakeholder dialogue between local community members, environmental justice advocates, public health experts, academicians and governmental representatives.  These speakers will provide an insightful overview of the historical and local environmental efforts underway to address the unique issues to the city and its metropolitan region, including other impacted urban areas along Michigan’s northern I75 corridor.

Printable Detroit Story Overview (.pdf)


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