One Community - One Environment

Detroit, Michigan - *August 23-26, 2011

(*August 23 is an Optional Training Day)

Bios: Speakers, Moderators, and Presenters

New Environmental Justice Initiatives, Q&A
Presenter Organization Presentation Title / Topic Area
Respondent Panel (Community Leaders)
Plenary Sessions
Sustainability and Green Jobs and EJ: Opening Remarks and Keynote
Sustainability and Green Jobs and EJ: An Expert Overview
Sustainability and Green Jobs: Green Job Creation and Training
Sustainability and Green Jobs: Opening Remarks
Sustainability and Green Jobs: The Community Perspective
Funding Resourcing Grass Roots Works
Lunch: Meet the Funders
Track Sessions I, II, and III
Track Session I: Goods Movement
Critical Elements of Goods Movement Policy Recommendations: Community and Tribal Facilitation Strategy
Community Mission: Beyond Goods Movement Policy Recommendations
Community Mission: Building Community and Tribal Capacity
Access and Evaluate Community Capacity and EPA Support of Community and Tribal Areas
Track Session II: Ambient Air/Climate Change
Best Practices for Evaluating and Improving Air Quality from Mobile and Stationary Sources
Best Practices for Evaluating and Adapting to Climate Change
Communities Presenting their Experiences in Evaluating and Improving Air Quality
Tool Session
Track Session III: Hazardous Waste Cleanup/Job Training
Getting to the Heart of Job Training: Recruitment, Screening and Supportive Services
Successful Models of Occupational and Environmental Health Programs
Communicating Risk Effectively During Emergency Response Activities
Roundtable Discussions on Use of Health and Safety Training Tools
Poster Session Abstracts
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