Schools K-12 Energy Efficiency/PCB Training

New Jersey Webinar - Dec 15, 2011

The New Jersey webinar will demonstrate a case study of overall energy efficiency in a school in NJ.   A critical first step in the process was the endorsement and development of strategies to promote energy conservation, increase the use of renewable energy, and improve environmental impact.   This allowed the NJ township board of education to actively participate in the solution to the nation’s economic, environmental, and energy issues.   These strategies release operational funds that can then be re-aligned to meet our instructional goals or be applied to tax relief. The webinar will stress the importance of incorporating energy conservation practices/technologies into the classroom, with the hope that it will stay with the students as they mature into educated energy consumers.

The webinar will have a speaker from the NJ Board of Public Utilities (BPU) Clean Energy Program to discuss different financial resources which New Jersey provides to schools to become energy efficient.  NJ Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) will discuss how its Small Business Environmental Assistance Program can help schools comply with NJ DEP regulations and permits for facility equipment upgrades.  NJ DEP will also discuss on how its Office of Economic Growth and Green Energy can help find additional resources for schools looking to improve their building's energy efficiency.

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Juan G. Gutierrez / US EPA, Region 2 / ENERGY STAR Coordinator

Mark A. Maddaloni / US EPA, Region 2 / Toxicologist

Joe Biluck, Jr. / Medford Township Board of Education / Director of Operations and Technology

Edward Bakos / NJDEP / Small Business Assistance Program Manager

Brian DeLuca / NJ BPU – Clean Energy Program contractor/ Energy Engineer
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In New Jersey State there is funding to support energy efficiency projects such as a light retrofit opportunity.  Below are the links relevant from the New Jersey SmartStart Buildings programs:

There are also incentives and rebates available from utility electricity provider.

In addition, there are guides for schools on energy efficiency from the from U.S. Department of Energy and the US EPA which can be found at:

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