2019 Regional, State, and Local Modelers' Workshop

May 7-9, 2019, Seattle, WA

Final Agenda

2019 EPA RSL Modelers' Workshop Final Agenda (PDF)

Tuesday, (May 7, 2019)

Workshop / Conference Facility Logistics George Bridgers, EPA-OAQPS Jay McAlpine, EPA-Region 10
Opening Remarks for the Workshop Dave Bray, Assoc. Director Div of Air and Radiation, EPA-Region 10
AERMOD Modeling System Development Activities Chris Owen, EPA-OAQPS
Updates to the AERMET preprocessor James Thurman, EPA-OAQPS
Updates to the AERSURFACE preprocessor Clint Tillerson, EPA-OAQPS
AERMOD Development Plans - Q & A Session All

AQ Modeling Guidance Status Updates
(O3 & PM2.5 Permit Modeling Guidance, MERPs Guidance, etc.)

George Bridgers, EPA-OAQPS
Ozone and PM2.5 Permit Modeling Guidance George Bridgers, EPA-OAQPS
Prognostic Meteorological Data James Thurman, EPA-OAQPS
EPA's Model Clearinghouse - Annual Status Update George Bridgers, EPA-OAQPS
NSR / PSD Policy Update Chuck Buckler, EPA-OAQPS
Breakout Session Overview / Instructions George Bridgers, EPA-OAQPS

State / Local Agency Breakout Session #1

  • Other State/Local Modeling (Deposition, Toxins, Minor Sources, etc...)
  • AERMOD Model Development (PRIME/Downwash, RLINE testing, etc...)

State / Local Agency Breakout Session #2

  • Policy (Ambient Air, SILs, Startup/Shutdown, Intermittent Emissions, Net Emissions, etc...)

State / Local Agency Breakout Session #3

  • Nearby Sources (Table 8-1/2, Significant Concentration Gradients, Downwash for Nearby Sources, etc...)
State/ Local Agency Breakout Session - Open Form Discussion All

Wednesday, (May 8, 2019)

Training Session #1 - Prognostic Meteorology
(Acquiring, evaluating, and preparing prognostic meteorological data for use in dispersion models)

Chris Misenis, EPA-OAQPS

Training Session #2 - AERSURFACE
(This session will look at the changes in the land cover classifications since the 1992 NLCD, the challenges these changes present in assigning surface characteristic values, and features in the new draft version of AERSURFACE to address these challenges.)

Clint Tillerson, EPA-OAQPS
Training Session #3 - Secondary PM2.5 MERPs Demonstrations
(A step by step demonstration of how to apply Tier 1 MERPs to assess secondary PM2.5 impacts in PSD permits, including a refined analysis to address long-range transport into Class I areas)
Michael Moeller, EPA-Region 4

Training Session #4 - MCH Lean Implementation
(From the Big Call to SOPs & checklist, this training session will present the steps that the Agency is implementing to fulfill the MCH Lean project and the draft material that will be added to the
MCH Operational Plan for the co-regulating agencies to follow.)

George Bridgers, EPA-OAQPS
Rebecca Matichuk, EPA-Region 8
Dave Healy, NH DES

State / Local Agency Issues: Overview

Marie Bernardo, CO APCD Daniel Dix, MN PCA
Yann Ling-Barnes, Washoe County

WRF-MMIF Model Performance Evaluation - State Perspective Ranil Dhammapala, WA ECY
WRF-MMIF Model Performance Evaluation - RO Perspective Jay McAlpine, EPA-Region 10
Alternative Modeling Demo: BLP/AERMOD Hybrid Approach
Example of CPM/MCM for Model Performance
Jason Maranche, Allegheny County
Ozone Modeling Study over the Tri-Cities Airshed Tes Ghidey, WA ECY
Draft AERSURFACE Evaluation Dave Healy, NH DES
Blasting at Surface Mines Marie Bernardo and Emmett Malone, CO APCD
PM10 Deposition Modeling Methods Survey – What are agencies doing? Daniel Dix and Jim Sullivan, MN PCA
State / Local Agency Issues and Open Forum All
Regional Office Rundown EPA-Regional Modelers

Thursday (May 9, 2019)

Regional Office Rundown (continued) EPA-Regional Modelers
State / Local Agency Breakout Sessions Summary and Action Items Breakout Session Moderators
SO2 Modeling for Implementation Update James Thurman and Clint Tillerson, EPA-OAQPS
FLM / NPS / USFS Update FLM, NPS, & USFS Representatives
IWAQM Overwater Team & Transportation Team Updates EPA, BOEM, & OTAQ Representatives
Looking Forward to the 12th Conference on Air Quality Models Chris Owen, EPA-OAQPS
Summary of Workshop, Priorities Going Forward, and Closing Remarks George Bridgers, EPA-OAQPS


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