EPA Regional/State/Local Dispersion Modelers Workshop

May 16th-18th, 2006, San Diego, CA


This workshop will provide an opportunity for modelers to discuss EPA's current Air Quality Dispersion Models and their applications. Modelers from EPA/OAQPS, EPA Regional Offices, other federal agencies and state and local air pollution agencies are welcome to attend.

We will include discussions on the AERMOD and CALPUFF models, and cover such topics as NSR, PSD, modeling of PM2.5, and air toxics.

Three workgroups will report to the workshop. They are:

  • Gridded Met Data Workgroup (chair - Dennis Atkinson)
  • NSR/PSD Issues Workgroup (chair - Dave Svensgaard)
  • AERMOD Implementation Workgroup (chair - Alan Cimorelli)

If you are interested in participating, you may contact the chairs indicated or Ian Cohen ( cohen.ian@epa.gov ). The workgroups will hold discussions by conference call in advance of the workshop, and modelers who do not plan to attend the workshop are welcome to participate in the workgroups.




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