EPA Regional/State/Local Dispersion Modelers Workshop

June 6th-9th, 2011, Atlanta, GA


The 2011 Regional/State/Local Modelers Workshop is being held in Atlanta, Georgia, June 6-9, 2011. This Workshop will provide the federal, state, and local levels of the modeling community the opportunity to present, interact, and communicate various technical issues and solutions related to local-scale air quality modeling. A large segment of the Workshop will address issues related to permit modeling, as well as selected topics provided by Regional, State, and Local modelers.  On Thursday, June 9, a Technical Session with industrial and private sector modelers will be held to present and discuss current NO2, SO2, and PM2.5 permit modeling issues.

Please note, Monday through Wednesday of the Workshop is open only to EPA Personnel and State/local/tribal agency modelers.


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