11th Conference on Air Quality Modeling

August 12-13 2015, Research Triangle Park, NC


Wednesday, (August 12, 2015)  
EPA Presentations  
Conference Overview and Logistics George Bridgers, OAQPS
Welcome and Opening Remarks Chet Wayland, OAQPS
Current Status of Appendix W and Overview of Proposed Revisions to Appendix W Tyler Fox, OAQPS
AERMOD v15181 Regulatory Update Roger Brode, OAQPS
Proposed Updates to the AERMOD Modeling System Roger Brode, OAQPS
Proposed Updates to the AERMOD Modeling System - AERSCREEN James Thurman, OAQPS 
Proposed Updates to the AERMOD Modeling System - Proposed NO2 Tier2 and Tier 3 Revisions Chris Owen, OAQPS 
Modeling of Mobile Sources Chris Owen, OAQPS
Meteorological Data for Dispersion Models James Thurman and Chris Misenis, OAQPS
Long Range Transport for NAAQS and Increment Assessments Tyler Fox, Kirk Baker, and Chris Owen, OAQPS
Treatment of PM2.5 and Ozone in PSD Compliance Demonstrations Kirk Baker and James Kelly, OAQPS
Status and Role of the Model Clearinghouse George Bridgers, OAQPS
Single-Source and Cumulative Impact Analyses George Bridgers and Tyler Fox, OAQPS
Public Presentations & Comments  
Introduction to and Opening of the Public Hearing (Day 1) George Bridgers, OAQPS
Source Characterization Issues for Near-Field (AERMOD) Modeling Bob Paine, AECOM for AISI
AERMOD Low Wind Evaluation Results for Tall Stack Databases Bob Paine, AECOM for EPRI
AERMOD Treatment of Buoyant Stack Releases in Convective, Low Mixing Height Conditions Bob Paine, AECOM for Lignite Energy Council
Perspectives and Experience with ARM and ARM2 Rich Hamel, ERM
Evaluation of AERMOD with Alternate NOx Chemistry Scheme Cathe Kalisz, API
Optimized use of MMIF for AERMOD in complex terrain Bart Brashers, Ramboll Environ
Recent Experiences with MMIF/WRF for Creating AERMOD Inputs Tom Wickstrom, ERM
Introduction to the AWMA APM Comments and General Items David Long, AEP
AWMA APM Comments on AERMOD Related Issues Mark Garrison, ERM
AWMA APM Comments on Single Source Modeling and Long Range Transport Modeling Gale Hoffnagle, TRC
Exponent’s Comments on CALPUFF and AERMOD Modeling Guidance Christopher DesAutels, Exponent
Perspectives on CALPUFF, Roughness, and 30 Miles Mark Garrison, ERM
An Overview of the SCIPUFF Dispersion Model Biswanath Chowdhury, Sage-Management
SCICHEM for Regulatory Modeling Eladio Knipping, EPRI
Preliminary Comments on Proposed Changes to Appendix W Rob Kaufmann, Koch Companies for NAAQS Implementation Coalition
Adjourn for Day  
Thursday, (August 13, 2015)  
Public Presentations & Comments (Continued)  
Opening of the Public Hearing (Day 2) George Bridgers, OAQPS
Virtual Facilities NAAQS Study Beth Barfield, ERM for NAAQS Implementation Coalition
Outstanding Issues for Modeling Low-Level Emission Sources David Heinold, AECOM for AF&PA
Impacts of Measurement Uncertainty and Emissions Variability on Modeled Impacts Zach Emerson and Ashok Jain, NCASI for AF&PA
Use of EMVAP for Determining Permitted Emission Rates for Highly Variable Sources Related to: Appendix W 8.2 Carlos Szembek, ERM and Bob Paine, AECOM
Building Downwash: Problems, Solutions and Next Generation Ron Petersen, CPP, Inc.
Background Concentrations and the Need for a New System to Update AERMOD Sergio Guerra, CPP, Inc.
The Use of CAMD Data in Air Quality Modeling David Long, AEP
Initial Feedback on Proposed Revisions to Appendix W Chris Rabideau, Chevron for API
Procedural Concerns Related To EPA’s Regulations and Guidance on Air Quality Modeling Cindy Langworthy, Hunton & Williams for UARG
Invitation to Provide Oral Comments for Individuals That Did Not Reserve Time to Speak in Advance George Bridgers, OAQPS
Is AERSCREEN Always Greater Than AERMOD George Schewe, Trinity Consultants
Preliminary Appendix W Comments - Ozone Jeff Bennett, Barr Engineering
Preliminary Appendix W Comments Bridget Lee, Siera Club
Preliminary Appendix W Comments Peter Guo, Apex Titan, Inc.
Is AERSCREEN Always Greater Than AERMOD (contninued) George Schewe, Trinity Consultants
End of 11th Modeling Conference and Public Hearing  


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