2017 Regional, State, and Local Modelers' Workshop

September 25-26 2017, RTP, NC

Final Agenda

2017 EPA RSL Modelers' Workshop Final Agenda (PDF, 56KB)

Monday, (September 25, 2017) - Session Open to Industry / Consultants
Workshop / Conference Facility Logistics George Bridgers, EPA-OAQPS
Opening Remarks for the Workshop Chet Wayland, EPA-OAQPS
Guideline on Air Quality Models (Appendix W) FRM Revisions and Future Direction Tyler Fox and George Bridgers, EPA-OAQPS
Appendix W Revisions and Future Direction - Q & A Session All
EPA's Model Clearinghouse - Status and Report Out George Bridgers, EPA-OAQPS
SO2 Modeling for Implementation James Thurman and Clint Tillerson, EPA-OAQPS
NO2 Modeling Implementation Overview Chris Owen, EPA-OAQPS
Prognostic Meteorological Data for Dispersion Modeling Applications Chris Misenis, EPA-OAQPS
Update to the AERSURFACE preprocessor Clint Tillerson and Roger Brode, EPA-OAQPS
NSR / PSD Policy Update Dan DeRoeck, EPA-OAQPS
AERMOD Modeling System Development Plan and Priorities Chris Owen, EPA-OAQPS
White Paper - AERMOD Core System Updates Chris Owen and Roger Brode, EPA-OAQPS,
David Heist and Steve Perry, EPA
White Paper - Updates for Mobile Source Modeling Chris Owen, EPA-OAQPS
White Paper - Updates for NO2 Modeling Chris Owen, EPA-OAQPS
White Paper - Updates for Overwater Modeling Clint Tillerson, EPA-OAQPS
AERMOD Development Plan - Q & A Session All
Cumulative Impact Analysis (CIA) - Overview George Bridgers, EPA-OAQPS
Cumulative Impact Analysis (CIA) - Q & A Session All
Single-source Ozone and PM2.5 Demonstrations Tyler Fox, EPA-OAQPS
Tier 1 Demonstration Approaches (Including MERPs) Kirk Baker, EPA-OAQPS
Tier 2 Demonstration Approaches Kirk Baker, EPA-OAQPS
Single-source Ozone and PM2.5 Demonstrations - Q & A Session All
Tuesday, (September 26, 2016) - Co-regulating and Fed Partner Agencies
Co-Regulators Session Kick-off George Bridgers, EPA-OAQPS
FLM Update Bret Anderson, USFS
Optimized One-Way CAMx Bret Anderson, USFS
BOEM Update BOEM Representative
NSR / PSD Policy Update Chuck Buckler, EPA-OAQPS
Ambient Air Review Team Chuck Buckler, EPA-OAQPS
Policy and Related Issues - Q & A Session All
Regional Office Rundown EPA-Regional Modelers
State / Local Agency Issues: Overview and Announcements Daniel Dix, MN PCA and Melissa Sheffer, South Coast AQMD
SIP Modeling Updates for Allegheny County PA Jason Maranche, Allegheny County Health Dept.
Accounting for Secondary Formation in Georgia Di Tian, GADNR-EPD
Connecticut's Road to Unclassifiable/Attainment Designation for the 1-Hour Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) NAAQS (Air Management Strategy) Sam Sampieri, CTDEEP
EPA / State / Local Agency Topical Group Discussions All


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