2018 Regional, State, and Local Modelers' Workshop

June 5-7, 2018, Boston, MA

Final Agenda

2018 EPA RSL Modelers' Workshop Final Agenda (PDF)

Tuesday, (June 5, 2018) - Session Open to Industry / Consultants
Workshop / Conference Facility Logistics George Bridgers, EPA-OAQPS and Leiran Biton, EPA-Region 1
Opening Remarks for the Workshop Alexandra Dunn, EPA-Region 1 Regional Administrator
One Year with the Revised Guideline on Air Quality Models (Appendix W) Tyler Fox, EPA-OAQPS
EPA's Model Clearinghouse - Annual Status Report George Bridgers, EPA-OAQPS
EPA's Model Clearinghouse - Lean Event Summary George Bridgers, EPA-OAQPS
Appendix W and Model Clearinghouse Q & A Session All
AERMOD Modeling System Development and Update Plan Chris Owen, EPA-OAQPS

AERMOD Development Priorities Update
(Core System, Low Wind Options, Saturated Plumes, Downwash, NO2 Updates, Mobile Sources, Overwater, Additional Topics)

Model Development Team (MDT), EPA-OAQPS
AERMOD Version 18081 Overview Chris Owen and Roger Brode, EPA-OAQPS
AERMOD Development Plan - Q & A Session All
Downwash Summit Report Out: EPA Chris Owen, EPA-OAQPS, David Heist and Steve Perry, EPA-ORD
Downwash Summit Report Out: External Stakeholders A&WMA's PRIME2 Advisory Committee

Meteorological Characterization for Modeling
(Draft AERSURFACE and MMIF Guidance Updates)

Clint Tillerson, Roger Brode, and James Thurman, EPA-OAQPS

NSR/PSD Policy Update
(SILs Guidance and Ambient Air Issues)

Dan Deroeck, EPA-OAQPS
SO2 Modeling for Implementation Clint Tillerson and James Thurman, EPA-OAQPS
Cumulative Impact Modeling Interactive Presentation James Thurman and Clint Tillerson, EPA-OAQPS
Ozone and PM2.5 Permit Modeling Guidance George Bridgers, EPA-OAQPS
MERPs Guidance Tyler Fox, EPA-OAQPS
Ozone and PM2.5 Permit Modeling - Q & A Session All
Summary of Day 1 and Final Thoughts Tyler Fox, EPA-OAQPS
Wednesday, (June 6, 2018) - Co-regulating and Fed Partner Agencies
Co-Regulators Session Kick-off - Open Forum George Bridgers, EPA-OAQPS
NSR/PSD Policy Discussion Dan Deroeck, EPA-OAQPS
IWAQM Overwater Team and Transportation Team Updates EPA, BOEM, and OTAQ Representatives

Dispersion Modeling Development Activities
(Field Studies Update and Current Modeling Issues Discussion)

Dispersion Modeling Team (DMT), EPA-OAQPS
Overview of AERMOD Particle Deposition James Thurman, EPA-OAQPS
Regional Office Rundown (Regions 1 - 5) EPA-Regional Modelers
State/Local Agency Issues: Breakout Session Introduction & Ice Breaker Marie Bernardo, CO APCD, Daniel Dix, MN PCA, & Julie Hunter/Yann Ling-Barnes, Washoe County

State/Local Agency Breakout Session
(e.g., Single Source Ozone and PM2.5 Modeling (including MERPs), Prognostic Met Data, Ambient Air, SO2 Modeling)

State / Local Agency Breakout Session - Report Outs All
State/Local Agency Issues and Open Forum Marie Bernardo, CO APCD, Daniel Dix, MN PCA, & Julie Hunter/Yann Ling-Barnes, Washoe County
Regional Office Rundown - (Regions 6 - 10) EPA-Regional Modelers
Thursday (June 7, 2018) - Co-regulating and Fed Partner Agencies
EPA's Model Clearinghouse - Lean Event Discussion George Bridgers, EPA-OAQPS
AERMOD Applications: EPA Insights James Thurman, EPA-OAQPS
Ozone and PM2.5 Modeling: Question and Answer Session Tyler Fox and George Bridgers, EPA-OAQPS
Cumulative Modeling: Question and Answer Session EPA-OAQPS and Regional Office Representatives
Summary of Workshop, Priorities Going Forward, and Closing Remarks Tyler Fox, EPA-OAQPS


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