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Time Title Presenter
Monday, March 9
Panel Discussion 1: Sustainable Sylines Initiatives
  Sustainable Skylines-Dallas

Eric Griffin, Dallas

Chris Klaus, NCTCOG

Carl Edlund, U.S. EPA-Region 6

  Sustainable Skylines-Kansas City

Josh Tapp, U.S. EPA-Region 7

Tom Jacobs, MARC


Sustainable Skylines Initiative: Delaware Valley Region (Philadelphia Metro Area)

Bill Jones, U.S. EPA-Region 3
Panel Discussion 2: How to Make Sustainability Alliances Work: How does a community successfully engage partners to help?


Charting a Clear Path Toward Sustainability & Livable Communities for All

Kim Lundgren, ICLEI

  Yellowstone Jim Evanoff, Yellowstone National Park
  American Lung Association Sara Dreiling, American Lung Association
  15 Years: Integrating Environmental Solutions for the Border Daniel Chacon, Border Environmental Cooperation Commission
  DART's Role in Transit-Oriented Development Steve Biba, Dallas Area Rapid Transit
Tuesday, March 10
Track 1: Green Buildings & Construction
  Session 1: Green Schools and Colleges
  Energy STAR for K-12 Schools and Higher Education Leslie Cook, EPA Energy STAR Program
  Geothermal Heat Pump Systems: Free Source of Stored Energy Robert Frick, LEED AP, IEG, Ltd.
  GRID NEUTRAL: Electrical Independence for California Schools and Community Colleges Theresa Townsend, AIA; State of California, Department of General Services, Division of State Architect
  Green Schools and Green Campus Programs Merrilee Harrigan , Vice President for Education, Alliance to Save Energy

Session 2: Green Building Codes and Policies (Examples/Successes/Issues/Lessons Learned)

  Toward a Sustainable Dallas Zaida Basora, AIA, LEED AP, Building Official, City of Dallas
  Green Built North Texas, LEED-H & The Standard Overview Don Ferrier, Ferrier Custom Homes
  California Best Practices Manual: Better Building Management for a Better Tomorrow Theresa Townsend, AIA; State of California , Department of General Services
  Green Building in Austin, TX Richard Morgan, Austin Energy Green Building Manager
  Session 3: Greening Buildings in Communities
  Leading the Way to an Energy-Efficient Community with Energy STAR Leslie Cook, EPA Energy STAR Program
  Greening Buildings at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport Rusty Hodapp - P.E., CEM, LEED AP, VP/Sustainability Officer, Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport Board
  Congregations Bob Adams, JH Batten, Inc., Certified Church Consultant-NACDB, Director of Business Development and Marketing, FCBA
  Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity: Green Construction Practices Mike Haigh, Director of Construction, Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity
  Session 4: Green Building-Private Sector Perspective
  The Green Revolution Kirk Teske, AIA, LEED AP, PRINCIPAL & CSO, HKS, INC. and Chair Emeritus/Founding Chairperson, USGBC North Texas Chapter
  Financing Energy Efficiency in Commercial Buildings John Christmas, Senior Vice-President, Hannon Armstrong
  LEED for Existing Buildings Overview Ken Sidebottom CEM, LEED AP, Johnson Controls & Board Chair, USGBC North Texas Chapter
  Business Case for Green Building Jackson Murphy, MBA, LEED AP, USGBC North Texas Chapter

Track 2: Advancing the Choice: Sustainability through Clean Vehicles

  A Step Toward Sustainability
  Clean Cities 101 Mindy Mize and Pamela Burns, NCTCOG and DFW Clean Cities
  Funding Opportunities for Clean Vehicles Lori Pampell, NCTCOG
  Greening North Texas through Clean Vehicle Programs
  NCTCOG's Clean Vehicle Programs Carrie Reese and Shannon Stevenson, NCTCOG
  Focus On: Green Taxis: A Win - Win Solution
  North Texas Green & Go Clean Taxi Partnership Jenny Danieau, NCTCOG
  Yellow Cab is Going Green Jack Bewley, DFW Yellow Cab
  Focus On: Enterprise Rental
  Environmental Stewardship: Leadership in the 21 st Century Trevor Armstrong and DJ Prohaska, Enterprise Rent-A-Car
  Focus On: Denton ISD Clean Fuels Program
  Railroad Commission of Texas Propane Initiative Program Gene Holloway, Denton ISD
  Greening your Grass

Propane Education Research Council With Texas Clean Cities Commercial Propane Mower Rebate Program

Stacy Neef, Central Texas Clean Cities
  Propane Power: Mowing Greener Today-For a Greener Tomorrow James Lawton, Ferris Industries
  Mow Down Air Pollution: City of Dallas Lawn Mower Exchange Program Kevin Lefebvre, City of Dallas
  Emerging Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Technologies

Plug-In Hybrids and the Future Grid

Fred Blood, Austin Energy
  Roadranger Mark Xenopolus, EATON
  Smith Electric Vehicles Mark Aubry
  Advancing Alternatives to Idling

NCTCOG Idle Reduction Program

Lori Pampell, NCTCOG
  Implementation of City of Dallas Idling Restriction Rules Eric Griffin, City of Dallas
  KC Idle Free Amanda Graor, Mid America Regional Council
  Real Idling Problems-Real Anti-Idling Solutions Robyn Knocke, Energy Xtreme
  Focus On: SmartWay

The Partnership

Sandra Rennie, EPA Region 6
  Cleaner Air, Lower Carbon, and a Better Economy Gustafson, Jon, EVP

Track 3: Sustainable Practices and Livability

  Session 1: Designing Livable Strategies

Smart Growth as a Sustainable Community Strategy

Tim Torma, EPA
  The Role of Brownfield Redevelopment in a Transition to a Low Carbon Economy Ann Davlin, Davlin Development Group, New York
  Developing a Green Rating for Your City Eric Griffin, City of Dallas

Session 2: Promoting Sustainability for Stationary and Area Sources


TCEQ Site Assistance Visit+ Program

Chris Meeks, TCEQ
  Practical Tools for Sustainability Thomas Vinson UTA
  Region 10 Collision Repair Campaign Ashley Zanolli, EPA Region 10, Seattle
  Green Energy Gateway Scott Zaremba

The Utility of the Future-Distributed, Low Carbon and Energy Efficient

Fred Blood, Austin Energy
  Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport District Energy Plant Upgrades Project- Making More with Less Rusty Hodapp, P.E., CEM, LEED AP, VP/Sustainability Officer, Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport Board
  Offsetting Emissions from Coal-Fired Power Plants Peter Bella, Alamo Council of Governments, San Antonio, TX and Kim Stoker, CPS Energy
  Session 3: Resources for Developing Sustainability

A Tale of One City

Jill Jordan, Assistant City Manager, Dallas
  Using An Environmental Management System to Optimize Performance And Achieve Sustainability Andrew Kricun, City of Camden , NJ
  Developing a Sustainable Community-Organization, Marketing, Results Nancy Nevil, City of Plano

Session 4: New Challenges and Opportunities for Materials Management


Product Stewardship-A Better Way

Kim Mote, Texas Product Stewardship
  The Recycling Foundation Steven Cheatham, The Recycling Foundation - 15 min
  Computer Equipment Recycling Program Jeff Michno, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) - 15 min
  Substance Flow Analysis for Local Governments Christine Guitar, EPA - 15 min

Session 5: Recycling-Focus on Cities


Pay-as-You-Throw in Fort Worth

Kim Mote, Fort Worth
  Zero Waste Strategic Plan Jessica Kingpetcharat-Bittner, Sustainability Administrator, City of Austin
  Sustainable Communities: Inexpensive Drop-Off Recycling for Rural Communities Michael Patton, Metropolitan Environmental Trust (MET), Tulsa, OK

Track 4: Energy Efficiency/Renewable Energy

  Session 1: Methane Capture and Reuse

Methane-Powering a New Energy Future

Chris Voell, U.S. EPA-Climate Change Division
  Landfill Bio-Technology for McCommas Bluff Landfill Mary Nix and Ron Smith, City of Dallas
  GHG Reductions Using Landfill Methane Katry Martin, St. Landry Parish Solid Waste Disposal District, and Juene Franklin, RPH & Associates

Biopower Assessment Tool: Status Update


Scott Haase, U.S. DOE-National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  LFG Direct Use Project between City of Arlington Landfill and City of Fort Worth Village Creek Waste Water Treatment Plant Larry Gilbert, Renovar Energy
  The Iowa Digester Experience Alan Goldberg, Iowa Department of Natural Resources
  Session 2: Energy Efficiency

Residential Energy Efficiency Program (REEP): City of Houston

Home Weatherization Initiative-Gavin Dillingham
  Weatherization (WX) Program for Low-income Neighborhoods Home Weatherization Initiative-Freddie Guerra/Jill Lucien
  Weatherization Works! Ozark Action, Inc. Home Weatherization Initiative-Terry Sanders (Ozark Action, Inc.)
  Utility Programs to Help Cities and Schools Capture Energy Savings and Environmental Benefits Right Now Jim Stimmel, Clear Result, Inc., Fairfax , Virginia
  EPA WaterSense: Every drop counts.Efficiency made Easy Jim Brown, EPA-Region 6
  Energy Efficiency in State Government Operations-Lead by Example in New Mexico Erik Aaboe, Lead by Example Coordinator, State of New Mexico
  Energy Efficiency and Multifamily Steve Saunders, TexEnergy Solutions
  Session 3: Wind, Solar and Other Renewables

Citizen Potawatomi Nation

Art Muller, Citizen-Potawatomi Nation

DFW Solar Opportunity

Ryan Hunter, Meridian Solar
  Alternative Energy Projects: Solar Furnaces and Wind Brandy Toft, Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe

Session 4: Making Contacts and Getting Financing for EE/RE Projects


Capital for Renewable Projects

John Brown
  Capital Funding Program Cindy Thyfault, Westar Trade Resources
  Deutsche Bank: Financing Energy Efficient Projects Baxter Wasson, Deutsche Bank

Energy Conservation Financing Options for Public Housing Authority

Mary Fox, Johnson Controls, Public Housing Solutions
  Incentives, The Texas Way Price Robertson, Oncor Electric Delivery

Track 5: Sustainable Surfaces


Session 1: Urban Heat Island Mitigation Issues & Strategies-Hard Surfaces


Overview of EPA's Heat Island Reduction Program

Neelam Patel, EPA OAP
  Cool Pavements: Urban Heat Island Mitigation Issues & Strategies-Hard Surfaces Dr. Kamil E. Kaloush, Arizona State University
  Life Cycle Evaluation of Pavements: Economic and Environmental Jan Prusinski, Cement Council of Texas
  Reflective Roofs Rick Chappell, Sika Sarnafil: Reflective Roofs
  City of Houston Code Enforcement: Cool Roofs Sheila Blake, City of Houston

Session 2: Urban Heat Island Mitigation Strategies-Vegetated Surfaces, Part 1


Portland Ecoroof Program


Tom Liptan, City of Portland, Oregon - 15 min

Green Parking Lots

Martin Smith, Ecological Design Group: Heifer Int'l. Green Parking Lot
  Urban Tree Planting & Strategic Shade David Hitchcock, Houston Advanced Research Council
  "Roadmap to Tree Planning and Planting" Dallas, TX Janette Monear, Texas Trees Foundation and Matt Grubisich, Urban Renewal, Inc.

Session 3: Urban Heat Island Mitigation Strategies-Vegetated Surfaces, Part 2: Urban Parks, Trail systems, and Green Spaces


Los Angeles Emerald Necklace

Claire Robinson, Los Amigos de los Rios
  Groundwork Dallas: Changing Places, Changing Lives Casie Pierce, Groundwork Dallas
  New Urban Parks: The Greening of Downtown Dallas Willis Winters, Dallas Parks & Recreation Department
  Session 4: Stormwater Mitigation Issues & Strategies, Part 1

EPA's Green Infrastructure Partnership

Suzanna Perea, EPA Region 6
  Philadelphia Water Department Glen Abrams, Philadelphia Water Department
  Green Solutions for Kansas City Scott Cahail, Kansas City, Missouri: "10,000 Rain Gardens Program"
  Stormwater Management, Stormwater Reuse and Porous Paving Applications for the LEED Green Building Rating System Roger Tadlock, MKM/Invisible Structures, Inc.

Session 5: Stormwater Mitigation Issues & Strategies, Part 2: Permeable Pavements


Pervious Concrete - When it Rains, It Drains!

Bob James , Texas Aggregates & Concrete Association
  Sustainable Design and Permitting of Pervious Concrete Matt Offenberg, WR Grace Co.
  Pervious Concrete Pavements-Key Elements to Success the First Time Dale Fisher, PCI Systems

Session 6: Sustainable Pavement Practices for Municipal Streets/Roads


Recycling DFW Metroplex Pavements-Why, How and How Much?

Matt Singel, Cement Council of Texas and Dan Richwine, TXI
  Analyses of Fuel Consumption and Emissions on Urban Streets Dr. Sia Ardekani, University of Texas at Arlington
Luncheon: Guest Speaker
  Guest Speaker: Mayor Bob Dixson Bob Dixson, Greensburg, Kansas
Wednesday, March 11
Getting Connected: Sustainability Expertise and Funding

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009: Overview of HUD Implementation


DOE's Tribal Energy Program: Providing Financial Assistance

Scott Hasse, U.S. DOE-National Renewable Energy Laboratory

DOE funding in ARRA 2009 for State, Tribal and Local Governments

Steve Dunn, U.S. DOE
  Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Funding in the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act: Focus on the Green Reserve Susan Spalding, EPA Region 6

Stimulus Bill: LUST

William Kelly
Session H: Logic Modeling and Performance Measurement: Telling Your Performance Story
  Logic Models & Performance Measures: Telling Your Performance Story Yvonne M. Watson, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, National Center for Environmental Innovation,
Evaluation Support Division
  Performance Measure Worksheet Yvonne M. Watson
  Logic Model Yvonne M. Watson
Session H: Urban Forestry and Sustainable Landscaping: A Look at Current Practices, Programs, Visions and Applicable Research for Communities
  Vision, Urban Forestry & Sustainability Vision North Texas
  Urban Forestry and Sustainable Landscaping: A Look at Current Practices, Programs, Visions and Applicable Research for Communities

Tim Herfel, U.S. EPA-Region 6, GreenScapes

  Urban Forestry Challenges and Vision for 2050

Steve Houser, City of Dallas Urban Forest Advisory

  LiDAR and Hyperspectral Imagery Based Urban Tree Inventory Fang Qiu, Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Sciences, University of Texas at Dallas
  Department of Street Services MOWmentum Program City of Dallas/Street Works
  Using Trees and Vegetation to Curb Heat Island Effects Philip Erwin, Chief Arborist, Building Inspection, City of Dallas
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